The Band That Turned Down Glastonbury

BSJ mid90s

What?! - That's right, says Clive with a wry and slightly regretful grin, we did. Many years ago, before Glasto was the monster event it is now, we were offered a gig in the Workers' Beer Tent. OK, not one of the prime stages, but a spot at Glastonbury nonetheless. As we had a prior booking, we turned Glastonbury down! We may have been stupid... but we were reliable!

The Band

Being geographically challenged due to the band members' various relocations, BSJ are sadly no longer able to accept bookings. Our last ever gig was a private function in Winster, Derbyshire, in April 2024. The dream team, who'd been playing together for around 30 years, was:

  • Clive Harvey (Guitar/Lead Vocals)
  • Steve Salfield (Saxophones)
  • Graham Jones (Double Bass/Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals)
  • Phil Naylor (Drums)

Our Sound - vintage goodtime party music

Great for dancing, singing along or just listening - a mix of rock 'n' roll, rhythm 'n' blues, jive and smooch - with some Latin, jazz, and ska thrown in for good measure. We played hits and some lesser-known gems mostly from the 1950s and early 60s, interwoven with a few BSJ originals so cleverly crafted in the styles of that era you wouldn't notice the joins. We're no longer gigging as a band but you can still enjoy our music on this site, or even better - buy our CD.


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"Knocked out by the Back Seat Jivers, they had the whole audience rockin' and rollin' and cheering for more. Can't wait for the next time they're in town."   - Roger Greenaway, legendary hit songwriter, BSJ fan 

"Thank you so much Back Seat Jivers! Such a brilliant evening! Everyone commented on what great musicians you are and  what a fabulous big band sound you create, even though there's just four of you. Great music, great atmosphere, great evening of dancing... and the occasional smooch!"  - Sue Ransley, private client

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The BSJ Story...

Clive and Steve were school friends in Derbyshire, often jamming together, and as 16-year-olds were founder members of the school jazz band. Concurrently Clive was singer and rhythm guitarist in Derby 'beat group' The Vulcans while Steve played flute and saxophone in various groups, including classical.

Clive Harvey, in the early 70s, was a founder member of long-lived comic musical trio Roaring Jelly who toured widely and played on TV and radio. Then a switch to a very different style in '85 when he joined R.Cajun & The Zydeco Brothers, the UK's top Cajun and swamp rock band. Among their fans was a certain Sir Paul McCartney who twice booked the band for private events and even played on stage with them. The band also supported Van Morrison, Debbie Harry and the legendary Lonnie Donegan among others, and spawned the first manifestation of BSJ as a three-piece offshoot: Clive (guitar, vocals), Dave Blant (bass) and Freddie Hopwood (drums). Clive also works solo playing and teaching the ukulele, and as several BSJ songs featured this hugely popular little instrument Clive claimed to be one of those very rare beasts - a rock'n'roll ukulele player!

Steve Salfield has played in many different groups, classical, rock and jazz, and has played famous venues such as London's Flamingo and Marquee clubs. While at Newcastle University he joined Gas Board, whose singer was Bryan Ferry, and was also a founder member of the Newcastle Big Band, whose bass player was Gordon Sumner, better known as Sting. After qualifying as a doctor Steve continued in music, working with top jazz names such as Alex Hutton, Mike Gorman, Matt Chandler and Phil Robson. He has toured with his own jazz groups and is also part of creative music ensemble Jet Collective. He'd been a Back Seat Jiver since the early 90s, turning the original trio into a quartet.

Graham Jones is a versatile double bass and bass guitar player who has worked in country, bluegrass, folk, Cajun and Texmex. He has played the Royal Albert Hall and on TV with Jools Holland, toured Europe and even played at the top of Mont Blanc! Notably much of his work has been in jazz, often with Steve and Phil, as well as the likes of Nikki Iles, Pete King and Henrik Linnemann to name just a few. But Graham was also very happy to 'slum it' (he grins!) in the world of rock'n'roll and was a vital part of the BSJ 'dream team' as regular bass player from the mid 90s.

Phil Naylor is a Cumbria native who paid his dues as a teenager laying down beats in the tough working men's clubs of the northwest. On moving to Sheffield he became keenly involved in its thriving music scene, especially in jazz. As well as meeting and working with Steve and Graham, Phil has graced the stage with many respected jazz musicians including Julian Nicholas, Eddie Parker and Mark Edwards. He was also lucky enough to learn from the late, legendary saxophonist Bobby Wellins, and tutor alongside Julian Arguelles, two of the top names in British jazz. Now based in Brighton, Phil applies his skills to 'anything that comes my way' including gigs with West African dance combo Joko. After his introduction to BSJ in the mid 90s Phil soon became the drummer of choice, firmly established in the 'dream team'.