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BSJ mid90s
"From The Blues to The Beatles: A Brief History of Rock'n'Roll - with Live Music"
BSJ are available as always for parties, dances, weddings, corporate events and more but now also offer this new show. Illustrated with great live musical examples from the band and peppered with fascinating personal anecdotes, it's the story of rock'n'roll from its origins in the blues, through its various twists and turns, leading to the beat group phenomenon of the 60s spearheaded by British groups like the Rolling Stones and of course the Beatles. The second half of the show is a typically varied BSJ mix of the exciting musical elements that gather under the umbrella we call Rock'n'Roll. The band hope to take the show to venues around the country after its successful premier on 21 April 2018, to a full house at the Burton Institute, Winster, Derbyshire. Here's a lovely review by Bill Allerton of Urban Tiger Radio:

"If like me you lived through the rock'n'roll era but never understood what made it tick (besides the drummer) you need to catch "From The Blues to The Beatles" by the Back Seat Jivers. I caught it last weekend at the Burton Institute, Winster, and found myself being educated and entertained by turn. 

All my myths were dispelled by an excellently researched and incredibly well presented history of the genre. How far back do the roots of rock'n'roll go? All the way back to Africa it seems. The musicians themselves don't go back that far but from the level of musical skill on display you could believe that they did.

Presented as a chronological trip through the long generation of rock'n'roll, and examining a legacy the pervades all modern music, we were treated to a dissembling that pared the genre right back to its rhythmic roots, followed by a reassembling into familiar tunes that had the audience up on their feet jiving the night away. 

History? One day I will be. Until then there's Rock'n'Roll." 
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